About Us

Expedition Gyre is a group of concerned citizens consisting of artists, marine biologists, and educators that’s on an expedition to educate and lead the people especially the young generation to participate and conduct an awareness program against marine debris. The Expedition Gyre is founded by young college students in Arizona way back in 2002. These students are diverse and have so much care for the marine environment.

Expedition Gyre | About Us

Expedition Gyre envisions to have a clean, marine debris free ocean globally. Our mission is to protect the marine environment from harmful wastes. We carefully develop a strategic plan to continue helping the marine environment to combat marine debris – the huge and serious problem that people created.

We are not alone in this program. We collaborate with other organization with the same vision and mission to our marine environment. Expedition Gyre talks and communicates with local governments, school officials and student officers to participate in the form of conducting a social communication toolkit to reach as many people as they can. We also accept funds from private companies and individuals in order to pursue and continue what we’ve started.

We believe that whatever problems we are facing right now, we can solve it if we are together. So, to succeed in combating the marine debris, we invite all students in different schools to join and participate in beach cleanups in their area. We assigned officials in every state to lead and educate students and the local community in this awareness. We hope you can join us in this mission.

For further details, you can reach us through a phone call, email or simply visit us in our headquarters. We will appreciate your effort and interest in us. Please keep on browsing! To receive updates, kindly sign into your account.