If you have any questions, kindly read through this Frequently Asked Questions page first before you send them to us to save your time and effort.

Q: Who is Expedition Gyre?

A: Expedition Gyre is a group of artists, marine biologists, and educator. We are concerned citizens who care a lot about the marine environment and wants to take care of it in order to have a better living place through the support of other organizations, the local governments, the community, schools, and other individuals.

Q: What can I do to help your organization?

A: Thank you for showing an interest in helping us. We are ecstatic to hear that from you. There are numerous ways to help our organization in our mission. Through your donation, cooperation or participation. By donating, we can use them as a fund for transportation, food for the volunteers, materials used for cleaning the beaches, printing of our materials and so many more. With your cooperation in the community or school programs, we can lessen the waste thrown in any bodies of water. In fact, even by just not using disposable plastic items would already be a huge help to us. You can also participate in our projects or programs. You can volunteer when we conduct project clean-up on beaches and other marine environments. You can also just help educate people on your neighborhood about the marine debris. You can choose from any of these three to help us. For more information about these 3 options, you can send us an email.

Q: Who do I contact if our school want to participate?

A: Thank you for wanting to participate in our program. You can reach us via phone call, email or visit us personally. Our friendly and professional HR assistant will guide you and speak to you nicely regarding the details. You can ask them anything regarding on that matter and they would immediately respond to all the questions you have in mind. We are available and ready to answer all your calls and messages every day so you can call us anytime.