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Rose: Hello, I am a president of the homeowners in our village and I want to conduct a clean up on the beach near me and educate the neighborhood. Actually, we are residing near the beach and it’s so frustrating for us to see the marine nature in our hometown to have too many wastes. Being an official, the responsibility is mine so through the Expedition Gyre’s program, I know that we can solve this serious problem. Is there anyone of you who was guided by Expedition Gyre already? Is it a good idea to educate the community and take an action on our own or we need the guidance of Expedition Gyre? Please help and thank you in advance.

Anthony: Hey, Rose! It’s a good thing that you opened that topic. Actually, many of you are asking about that, I am a school principal in our town and we participated in their program once. Many of our students were cooperative and are willing participants. Anyways, this is my answer to your questions. First, if you know to yourself that you are capable of doing such project without the help of experts then do it. Expedition Gyre has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to marine nature. They studied and keep on learning about it. If you invite them to conduct an awareness program and educate your community, much better. Participate in their clean up the beach programs, they are more experienced and they can help your community a lot. Join them, they are friendly and helpful. You won’t regret working on them.

Rose: Thank you, Anthony, for giving such a helpful advice. The rest of the homeowner officials and I are taking an action. We will contact the Expedition Gyre to participate and cooperate in their program to succeed in the mission.